What was an idea yesterday, has now become a reality. TECH Association of Pakistan held its first official meetup at The Nucleus, Business Executive Centre, which was a private affair. Big names from the industry attended the meeting, contributing to the success of the event. The agenda of the meetup was to personally welcome the members of the advisory board and other departments and to introduce the objective of formation of the much needed technology association in Pakistan. The idea was pitched by Kanwal Masroor who is the Chairman of the association with the support of Zeeshan Rehman who extended his tremendous and tireless efforts for the creation of same.

The meetup discussed the broad vision of the association which includes providing workshops and seminars to the business and technology student to enlighten them about the possibilities and opportunities and mentor them correctly to push them towards achieving their dreams, thus observing entrepreneurship.

The emphasis is on the building, developing and strengthening the technology industry in Pakistan because the kind of talent we have in our country can result in taking Pakistan very far. Pakistan has the 4th largest broadband internet system in the world.  The literacy rate has grown by 250% and the youngest Microsoft professionals belong to Pakistan naming Arfa Karim and Babar Iqbal. Needless to say, these are just a few mentions. This is like chefs waiting with an inventory of high quality ingredients ready and available in the kitchen, just waiting for the head chef to guide and instruct further to serve the best dish on the table. Our youth, if mentored correctly, can be the greatest source contributing to the GDP of Pakistan from their respective divisions.

Among the other presenters, Mir Mohammad Ali khan was there to give a brief introduction and share the reason for accepting the position of President of the association. Each member added equal value to the event, making their presence count by participating in the last segment which was an open discussion session, where all the members were asked to suggest any ideas they would like to be implemented through TECH.

The reason we call it a success is the full attendance of the invitees despite their busy schedules and the response TECH received yesterday was expected yet amazing. The enthusiasm in each member to add value and contribute by any means for the betterment of this industry is outstanding and worth acknowledging. With this kind of powerful team and tireless spirit to work together, its not wrong to say that TECH Pakistan has a bright future, achieving its objectives thus making the industry strong while benefiting the country as well.