GroupM organized Digital Day 2017

After organizing a successful Digital Day 2016, GroupM made a heavy comeback by announcing its 2nd Digital Day ‘NextM – Vision on what is next’. Being at the forefront of driving digitization of our industry, this time GroupM brought not only new technologies and digital solutions, but also introduced international partners who have previously not been given a platform to showcase their advances solutions. Amongst many of the international partners were Google, Inmobi & Xaxis.
“At GroupM, we are always a step ahead in understanding and shaping the digital landscape of Pakistan. We will continue to showcase our lead in terms of expertise and Regional strength via Digital Day and our innovative Digital Business solutions..” commented Amna Khatib Paracha, Head of Digital, GroupM

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The Nextm Digital Day covered all facets of Digital one can think of – 4 zones were created for the guests to experience and interact with:
`1) Programmatic – Xaxis, the world’s largest programmatic audience data buying company, gave an in-depth presentation on what is programmatic, efficiency of online audience buying and how it can be used for our market to make our ads smarter. Xaxis team also quoted “We are thankful to GroupM Pakistan for helping us launch in Pakistan and we hope to help them revolutionize the digital landscape”.
Apart from Xaxis, Kinetic – the leader in contextually connecting and activating audiences on the move – also showcased new successful technologies, along with Kantar, showcasing developments in digital research.
2) Social – The Social Zone comprised of GroupM’s Social Listening tool that keeps a tab on online talkability and topics.
Google also showcased its latest products and engaged in consultation session with clients
3) Content – The Content zone consisted of the top content creators some of which included Food Fusion, Mangobaz, Parhlo, Iflix, Fun ka Kaam, Toffee tv, Patari, Team Muhafiz, Tv One, Aaj Tv & Dawn.
4) Mobile – Mobile Zone showcased some of the newest mobile solutions such as InMobi, Telenor, Jazz, Convex, Tpl Trakker & Planet Beyond
“As GroupM, our initiative has always been to land new digital platforms for our clients/ brands. Over the past 2 year, we have made leaps and bounds in being able to achieve success through GroupM Digital in bringing digital solutions which have benefitted our clients.
Our endeavor for this Digital Day 2017 is not only to educate but to take the digital industry forward and at the core of all this we realize that the future of digital belongs to effective data and how creatively that data is made use of to provide insights for digital strategic direction for brands.
Because of this vision, GroupM has actively carried out the 1st Digital Research for Pakistan in partnership with Kantar, ICube, to understand the consumers media consumption habits better, who consume media through multi-screen and at their own will” quoted Fouad Husain, CEO GroupM Pakistan.

GroupM’s Digital Day has now become a platform that clients look out for, especially as a means to find out ‘WHATS NEXT’.