‘Ahat Si’ – Another mystical soundtrack by Abida Parveen releasing exclusively with Taazi!

Queen of the Sufi music, Abida Parveen is releasing another mystical soundtrack ‘Ahat Si’ exclusively with
Taazi, Pakistan’s no.1 downloaded music app.

Abida Parveen releasing exclusively with Taazi

The single ‘Ahat Si’ is produced by her son Sarang Latif, who is swiftly becoming one of the top music
producers in Pakistan. He is not just working on making music for Lollywood and Bollywood movie
soundtracks but has also prepared the music for Abida Ji’s upcoming solo album ready for release before
the end on 2017.

The regal video ‘Ahat Si’ is directed by maestro’s Athar Bilal Films in collaboration with Saima Ajram Films.
A fascinating visual treat featuring veteran actor Yasir Mazhar and (BBC Presenter) Saima Ajram,
portraying the lifelong journey of a husband and wife, that thrives on their innocent love, commitment
and happiness. After creating the masterpiece ‘Mulkhe Khuda,’ for Abida ji, in 2016 this time Athar and
Bilal have displayed their creative versatility by successfully working across genres and capturing a couple
in the 1970’s, their journey, of togetherness, their milestones, their love with the outstanding voice quality
of Abida Ji.

Abida Parveen releasing exclusively with Taazi

Abida Parveen is blessed with a magical voice that immediately grabs audiences, across the globe. The
romantic ghazal ‘Ahat Si’ is a timeless piece and also one of those performances that will have a greater
impact on fans for a long time to come. Over the years this legendary singer has undoubtedly given us so
many soulful tracks, and this is one that will go down in history as her most favourite.
This music video will add to the sensational effect on the audience with the astounding poetry of the song.

‘Ahat Si’ is beautifully sung by Abida Parveen and a delightful treat for her fans and all music lovers across
the world.

The audio and the video of ‘Ahat Si” is exclusively available on Taazi:


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