TCF honours its 12,000 strong female faculty at Annual Teachers Awards 2017

Karachi, December 08, 2017: The Citizens Foundation (TCF), Pakistan’s leading education sector not-for-profit organization held its annual Teachers’ Awards ceremony to recognize and encourage the dedication of its teachers and principals. After multiple award ceremonies held in the major cities of Pakistan, the final awards ceremony concluded here in Karachi. The event was attended by more than 4,000 teachers and principals of Karachi and interior Sindh along with the head office staff and senior management. The awards were presented by TCF’s CEO to the teachers who exhibited the best performance this year.

TCF employs 12,000 female teachers and principals across its network of 1,441 schools in Pakistan. This makes TCF one of the top women employers in the country offering a female-friendly work environment. These teachers and principals are the backbones of TCF’s education movement teaching more than 200,000 students every day to help them become true agents of positive change. A fleet of 800 TCF vans embarks on the journey of enlightenment every day to transport the female faculty to TCF schools in remote areas, making quality education possible for the children of less privileged areas.

“TCF largely owes the success that we have achieved so far to our teachers. A good teacher can build a future of a child and change his life for the better. A good principal can run a school with discipline and empathy for her students, guiding them in the right direction as and when needed. All the principals and teachers associated with TCF that I have come across are resilient and inspiring, to say the least. They invest a great deal of time in their students to not just impart knowledge but also contribute to teaching the moral values.

They take ownership of their students and nurture them as their own children. Today, I just want to tell you that I am so proud of the hard work you put in to help these children so devotedly and selflessly: you are putting the building blocks of an enlightened Pakistan,” said CEO & President of TCF Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad.

The awards were presented to 1,400 teachers for extraordinary performance this year in the following categories:

1. Service and Attendance awards

2. Teacher Competency awards

3. Board / Matric awards

Special awards were also presented to the students with exceptional performance in the matric board exams 2017.

Speaking on the occasion, Riaz Kamlani, VP overseeing education outcomes said, “At TCF, everything operates under a certain thought process. We believe in operating differently to achieve different and better results. Being one of the leading organizations empowering women, we feel it necessary to provide a comfortable environment for our teachers. Hence a special emphasis is placed on training them regularly for continuous improvement. The improving results of our students and their success in professional life is a testament to the dedication of our teachers.

On this teacher’s awards, I also want to highlight that TCF school curriculum promotes an interactive, child-centred teaching approach with emphasis on hands-on activities that help children learn, question and enjoy the learning process. Our teachers with their ambition and commitment enable the children to learn and understand this curriculum based on the learning needs of the children who represent different ethnic backgrounds.”

TCF understands that specialized principals’ and teachers’ training is a prerequisite for imparting quality education in all its schools. While teachers have a direct impact on students in classrooms, principals affect all students in the school. Our training team, therefore, aligns an extensive teacher and principal training programme every year. For teachers, the modules are designed based on their training needs assessment

ranging from Classroom Management to Motivating Learners to Usage of Visual Aids. Principals, on the other hand, receive training for effective school leadership. Their training includes courses like Communication Skills, Conflict Management, Delegation, Prioritizing and Taking Action. The objective is to produce and sustain a positive learning environment that generates strong learning outcomes in classrooms, ensuring students’ academic success. TCF believes that good teachers are its greatest asset and will continue to invest in them for the best education outcomes.