Kahin Deep Jalay: A New Twist in Rida and Zeeshan’s Love Story!

– Aysha Ahmed

7th Sky Entertainment has once again given us an intriguing drama that has all of us hooked to our screens. Starring Neelum Muneer as Rida, and Imran Ashraf as Zeeshan, ‘Kahin Deep Jalay’ shows stunning love chemistry between the two most loved actors of small screen, and how their lives will get disrupted because of Rida’s sister in law, Shameela played by Nazish Jahangir.

Kahin Deep Jalay is a phenomenal story about love, jealousy, and trust. It truly represents the idea that those who are not happy for you are not happy for themselves. Shameela has loving people around her, and she gets married in a very rich family, yet her complexities have blinded her to the extent that she thinks ill of everyone else. For her, she comes first and everything should always be about her.

So far, 10 episodes have aired and each episode has progressed towards the story plot at a very good pace, keeping the viewers’ interest. Rida is the only sister of her three brothers who love her dearly. For such a loving sister, comes a sister in law who is so jealous of the love Rida is receiving that she starts playing the blame game, trying to prove Rida as an ill charactered girl.

Shameela is so blinded by her thoughts of jealousy that she shamefully confronts Rida, telling her to stop acting innocent and stop flirting with boys. Shameela thinks Rida gets everyone’s attention because she uses her beauty to woo everyone, but she fails to see that everyone loves her because of her sweet nature.

The drama has thickened the plot by introducing another antagonist, Farhan in episode 10 who has been sending messages about Rida on her brother’s phone. Something tells us that Farhan is going to play a pivotal role in the episodes to come and he may become the right hand of Shameela in her evil plans.

Where all of this is happening in the drama, we have Zeeshan who has fallen in love with Rida, sends a marriage proposal to her house, but gets rejected.

We love how the story give us moments of relief through Zeeshan’s dream about Rida where the two can be seen in love with each other. With love in their eyes, the small romantic clips between Rida and Zeeshan are portrayed beautifully and give us the much-needed timeout from the negativity spread by Shameela.

Kahin Deep Jalay is at a very exciting turn as Zeeshan’s proposal for Rida is getting another chance, and we are hoping to see the love chemistry between the two.