5 Winter Colours You Will See Everywhere This Season

We are in the middle of a pandemic. The lockdowns are there and so are SOPs that must be followed. However, there is one thing that no one of us can miss out on and that is fashion, specifically colours. They have an impact on our personality and can affect our moods, too.

Here is a roundup of 5 colours that will make you look relatable this winter.

Shimmery Silver

Silver has always been a style statement. To make it look classy and sophisticated, use a shimmery shade with muted tones.


All Shades of Red

Red is undoubtedly one of the most favourite colours for winters because of its warmth. Burgundy, Cherry Red, Wine and Blood Red are some of the shades that look divine however you carry them.

Fresh Celery

Add a touch of freshness to your winter wardrobe with this green-yellowish shade. Wear it with a dress, denim or skirt, it will not disappoint you

Classic Black

Good news for those who love this colour, BLACK is not going anywhere this season, either. Try it out in different shaddes, cuts and designs to look stylish effortlessly.

Holographic Shades

Holographic shades were the highlights of most runways for Autumn/Winter 2020. They were paired with greys, whites and even pastels to give a more of a clean look. Nothing busy or overworked. Create your own style statement by experimenting with these shades.

Winter wardrobes are fun because of the layers you get to wear, unlike summer where you barely want to dress up. Make the most of this season and include some, few or all of these colours in your collection and you will feel like a fashionista every day!

Which is that one colour you feel like your winter wardrobe is incomplete without?