Masood Alam shackling the orthodox ways of Pakistan’s Music Industry

Masood Alam shackling the orthodox ways of Pakistan’s Music Industry

Music can bring us to tears or to our feet, drive us into battle or lull us to sleep. Music is indeed remarkable in its power over all humankind, and perhaps for that very reason, no human culture on earth has ever lived without it. The name “Masood Alam” is been included in such artists that gave meaning and soul to the music industry of Pakistan. He is one of the prime talents who filled colours into any lifeless story or content.

Masood Alam was a pioneer who produced art for many beloved brands and composed music for many profiled artists including Atif Aslam and Dino Ali. Masood Alam’s composition has the ability and power to influence human thoughts and create a lifelong home in everyone’s heart.              

Masood Alam an artist from a very humble background and with no strings to artistry, found his love for music at a very young age. From playing with cans, cardboard boxes to buying his very own keyboard at the age of 13. An artist who encountered many ups and downs and still came out strong with more passion and containment. Masood Alam is one of the golden musicians in Pakistan, who could create harmonious melodies just by understanding the plot.

Masood Alam took the nuisance music from many Sufi Kalams and brought an era of respective artistry to give Sufism a true meaning of legacy and soul that lagged before. Masood Alam composed his first project of “Imtezaj” volume 1 under his pioneer records of “Wajdaan”. Further, he created melodies for Pakistan’s beloved channel “PTV Home” show “123 Check”.         

Masood Alam a poet, an artist and a music composer brought a sense of new legacy in the music industry that brought a paradigm shift. Masood Alam not only is a great artist but also a supporter of all those musicians that are struggling to make ways for themselves to get recognised.

It is only Masood who wanted to build an army of artists for Pakistan that shackles all the orthodox ways of the music industry and bring a new era of artistry under music that gets our country recognised and appreciated.