Time to Say Good Bye to Winter Blues with These Activities

Short days and long winter nights feel so draining. All you want is to stay in your cosy bed and binge watch your favourite shows. However, this is not possible in reality. You have to get up and participate in the real life.

Here are some easy activities that can make your life better and you can patiently wait for spring without feeling gloomy. Always remember: a drop in temperature should not affect your mood or routine

Go for a Sunny Vacation

Take out some time and head for a vacation to any area where exposure of the sun is more. This can be a weekend getaway or a long vacation until the weather changes. Doing so will definitely lift up your mood and you will feel much better.


Make Complex Carbohydrates Part of Your Diet

Carbohydrates in refined form can be a quick fix to feel better. However, in the long run, they make you feel sluggish, and guilty too. A good idea is to consume complex carbohydrates like spinach, lentil and broccoli. They are filling, take time to digest and do not increase your glycaemic index immediately.


Limit Sugar Intake

Though sugar intake can make you happy for a while, it will end up making you feel worse than you were in the first place. Even bad is the fact that too much of it can directly affect the functionality of your brain.



When it comes to fighting blues and changing moods, nothing is better than exercise. Even if you can go for a 15-minute walk, that will do the job and you will return feeling better and full of energy.


Use Music as a Therapy

Listening to music that is cheerful and has upbeat tunes can be a game changer when you are going through depression. Just listen to something good and you will notice a positive change in your mood.


Enjoy every season, do not let it stop you from doing anything. Happy winters!

Have something to add to these activities? Drop your suggestions in the comments section