Moosa Gets to Know Who Actually Zohra Is – Raqs E Bismil Episode 3 Review

This episode was full of surprises and drama. Moosa (Imran Ashraf) is still deeply and madly in love with Zohra even though he has not seen a single glimpse of her yet, without veil. All he knows is that Zohra is a pious lady who observes hijab, and this is exactly the kind of woman he would want to marry.

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Contrary to his own belief and sayings, Moosa is in love but he is not willing to accept it. He was seen convincing Zohra (Sarah Khan) to marry her throughout the episode. He seemed like a naive person with a soft corner for people, which is not the real Moosa we saw in the previous episodes.

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Zohra on the other hand, appreciated whatever Moosa did for her. However, she prefers showing her true self to Moosa instead of just telling him. No wonder Moosa was surprised to the core when he got to know that Zohra is not someone he has perceived to be. She belonged to a family of entertainers and was part of a high-end party when Moosa spotted her.

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Esa and Sakina are still trying to figure out things. Sakina proves herself to be more stubborn while Esa is being patient, but he gives Sakina a reality check for sure. Esa also tells her that he is bearing all this because of her parents, who he respects a lot. But the truth is that he also loves Sakina. Momin provokes Sakina and asks her to see who is “Beghairat”; himself or her ex. Seems like this will intrigue Sakina to search for her ex and somehow, she will end up falling in love with Esa.

Source: Hum TV YouTube Screen Grabs
Source: Hum TV YouTube Screen Grabs

What Is Coming Next?

So far, Raqs e Bismil has portrayed an interesting plot with strong characters. This is an unconventional story with ups and downs.

The teaser shows that in the next episode, Moosa’s father will get to know about Zohra. This will make it further difficult for Moosa as he will not be able to control his feelings for Zohra. Let us see what else happens next!