FBR Sends Rs 58 Million Tax Notice to Atif Aslam

A few months ago, Atif Aslam received a notice from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for tax evasions. Now the latest update on this news is that the renowned signer of Asia still has not paid his income tax. Considering this, another notice has been given to Atif Aslam by the FBR to submit his dues worth Rs 58 Million in a month.

According to reports, Tu Jaanay Na singer was sent the first notice by the FBR in November. He was informed that his flats in Dubai are not mentioned in his taxation details. This leads the FBR to send an official income tax notice to the singer.

Source: Instagram/Atif Aslam

Today, another follow-up notice has been sent to Atif Aslam after carefully auditing his 2018 income. The notice mentions that Aslam has to submit Rs 58 Million in 30 days, local media reported.

Aslam has been given a month’s time to submit this amount. Failing to do so in the given time will result in freezing his bank accounts. The FBR will then be able to recover the said amount from his frozen assets, claims the Federal Board of Revenue.

Source: Facebook

In the light of Tax Laws in Pakistan, people are allowed to pay their taxes in Pakistan or the country they have assets in. This saves them from paying the taxes twice.

The FBR in Pakistan is very active and every now and then, we see it sending notices to the artists. Earlier, it was Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sana Fakhar who were notified for the very same reason.

Saba Qamar and Noor Bukhari too have been investigated by the FBR for their incomes, however, the matter was sorted out when they showed evidence of not being involved in any kind of tax evasions.

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