“Mahiya” Craze on SnackVideo fuels a wave of nostalgia

“Mahiya” Craze on SnackVideo fuels a wave of nostalgia

Pakistan pop princess Annie Khalid kicked off #MahiyabyAnnie challenge on SnackVideo earlier this month, making her loved song a hit again while stirring up a spree of nostalgia.

In the first week after the Mahiya event started, the hashtag  gained over  100 million views on SnackVideo, and the song has been used in over 50k videos. Related topic #SnackMusician reached the second on top Twitter trending topics, gaining over 4000 following posts.

Fans said on Twitter and Facebook that the hashtag challenge has been one of the best song cover on SnackVideo. Not only are there many talented singers and music lovers joining with their beautiful voices, the classic piece itself brings back millions of memories to whoever listens to it. Some said the forever-favorite song reminded them of school days, and some felt nostalgic for all those feelings attached to it.

This weekend, SnackVideo will launch a series of covering events for classic songs, and the Mahiya challenge marks the first debut of #Wemissoldsongs activity. The trendiest video app is bringing our memorable yesterday back to us.