YLC 2022: Rejoice – Art, Culture & Diversity

YLC 2022: Rejoice – Art, Culture & Diversity

Karachi [Pakistan] July 27th, 2022 – An event on mastery of Developmental Leadership skills is still live where inquisitive individuals getting themselves flourished with each day passing. The Young Leadership conference will be live till 28th July 2022 at Dreamworld Resort, Karachi. The conference is about to enter its day 04 where participants will have more avenues to explore regarding the conference.

With this year’s theme “Pehchaan” our honorable speakers initially talked about “Realization & Personal Leadership” followed by “Reconstruction & Developmental Leadership” where we aim to embark on a journey of finding ourselves and pushing ourselves to unlearn the complexities, focused on building a conversation on personal development and how to be set free from the chains of stereotypes and taboos.

YLC’ 2022 – the agenda of day 03 was “Rejoice – Art, Culture & Diversity” moderated by Arsal Faheem as the day champ! After the participants were given the time to get ready and have breakfast, the third day started on a high note with a keynote session by Yousuf Bashir Qureshi on Art Is Regardless where he defined what art is, beyond paintings and drawings, to be a broader sense of expression of ideas and belief. It is a way of bringing people together and moving beyond their differences as they build a deeper connection.

Day champ Arsal Fahim then honored the segment on What is Fashion? How it is connected with Arts – Finding your own where he briefed about the goal of the simulation, which is divided into five stages, is to understand how one can use their attire to express their unique identity without fear or shame.

Followed by a panel discussion by Kamran Rizvi and Zabaad Anwar. Afterward, a tea break was conducted with one on one coaching and interaction in which our partners who joined us at the conference coached the Participants with their own experiences followed by the segment explaining Simulation on Evolving Pechaan from 1930 to 2022.  This simulation was conducted by Arsal Fahim in which participants had to list down different fashion trends from 1930 to 2022.

After the lunch, a panel discussion was moderated by Kamran Rizvi and Participants on Diversity and Inclusion. In this panel, we had our specially-abled participants as our guests. They discuss how society has made it difficult for them to survive in this society and how they feel left out or behind because of our societal norms and taboos. They also discussed how far they’ve come along and have made their importance in the world.

A 90 minutes’ activity was conducted by J. – Unlearn Your Fashion, it’s a simulation that is divided into 4 stages. It focuses on redefining the fashion sense among the participants emphasizing that Shalwar Kameez is also a fashion apparel and can be worn as a formal dress. Below are the four stages as briefed:

Stage 01: Participants were asked multiple questions about traditional fashion and were asked to write answers over a sticky note making them reflect on the basics of Fashion and how is it personalized to every individual too.

Stage 02: In this stage participants were given different situations and scenarios and were asked to design a cultural outfit for that.

Stage 03: Participants got a hands-on experience where they were provided with a display of J. outfits displayed to them. Participants had to pick a combination as per their will and one member of the group has to wear it on and get dressed to showcase it. The one with the maximum audience votes got the hamper.

Stage 04: Closing the entire experience, the day champ/facilitator conducted a panel discussion with the representatives of J., the conversation was around the connection between culture and apparel and what needs to be unlearned about fashion and other topics were explored as well.   

After the second tea time coaching by the partners, Segment speaker Waqar Ali graced his session with an outdoor activity The Privilege Walk where he raised awareness on various forms of privilege, team-building and encourage a higher level of understanding towards others and their circumstances.

Since this day was all about arts and culture, YLC also celebrated different cultures. Participants got ready in their cultural attires and represented their own culture!

Activity moderator Haider Jamil conducted his segment Drum Circle where he explained that art therapy is a technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster mental wellbeing. Art allows one to develop self-awareness, practice self-expression and strengthen communication.

The productive day of the conference concluded with participants enjoying the rain, music and some new learnings added in their skills set.

The event has been sponsored by many notable organizations; Peek Freanz (EBM), FNF, J, DKT, Ibex, Habib Metro Bank, KIA Motors, KFC, Bookmyspot, Raagistan, Hubco, KAPCO, MSS, Catalyst, Amwaj, Torque, Nucleus, upstairs, carving, Alif, SoLf, Torque,while Jang Press, Geo, The News and Suno FM 89.4 will be performing their duties as official media partners and official radio partners respectively.