Islamabad Bans Airhorns on Independence Day

Islamabad Bans Airhorns on Independence Day

The ban was imposed under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which allows for the imposition of restrictions on public gatherings and movement.

The ban is being enforced to prevent noise pollution and traffic congestion on Independence Day. Airhorns are known to be very loud and can cause significant disturbance to people living in the area. They can also lead to traffic accidents, as drivers may be startled by the noise and lose control of their vehicles.

The ban will be in effect from midnight on August 13 to midnight on August 14. Anyone found using an airhorn during this time period will be subject to arrest and prosecution.

The Islamabad administration has not yet said whether the ban on airhorns will be permanent or if it will only be in effect for this year’s Independence Day celebrations.