Twitter will no longer allow you to block users

Twitter will no longer allow you to block users

Under the guidance of Elon Musk, Twitter (now referred to as X) is experiencing a downward trajectory, with the removal of innocuous features that do not align with his support.

Musk’s objective is to phase out the ability to block users on the platform, except for direct messages (DMs). He asserts that the concept of blocking someone lacks the same rationale as muting, a feature he intends to retain. This decision follows his earlier inclination to eliminate the block option entirely.

The block feature has historically served as a protective shield against harassment for many users, playing a crucial role in upholding safety on the platform. Its removal could potentially expose users to a higher volume of unwanted content in their feeds and notifications.

Furthermore, as highlighted by the media, certain users employ the block function to filter out advertisers and brands they wish to avoid. If this practice becomes widespread, it could conceivably impact X’s financial performance in a significant manner.