Pakistan’s Caretaker PM Calls for Improved Taxation System for Economic Growth

Pakistan’s Caretaker PM Calls for Improved Taxation System for Economic Growth

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has emphasized the importance of improving Pakistan’s taxation system to stimulate economic growth. He believes that the private sector should be the primary driver of wealth creation, while the government focuses on policymaking and taxation.

Kakar also highlighted the need for responsible government spending of tax revenue. He visited the PTV headquarters on the occasion of the institution’s 59th anniversary and commended its role in promoting Pakistan’s soft image and identity globally.

Addressing Balochistan’s natural resources, Kakar stated that most valuable minerals, such as gold and copper, remain untapped. He noted that the issue of mineral resource exploration and exploitation had been resolved following the 18th amendment, allowing for a 50:50 division between the province and the federation.

The prime minister emphasized that the timing for mineral exploration is opportune, as Pakistan was previously unprepared due to capacity, financial, and technical expertise limitations.

Regarding his future plans, Kakar expressed openness to contributing in the parliament after the caretaker setup concludes. He indicated that he enjoyed serving as a parliamentarian more than in an executive role.

Kakar praised PTV’s legacy of producing exceptional dramas, music, and informative programs. He suggested that PTV effectively document and present the region’s ancient civilization, highlighting the rich cultural heritage of poetry, music, dance, and renowned figures like Khushahl Khan Khattak, Shah Latif Bhttai, Bullhay Shah, and Waris Shah.