Balochistan Launches Week-Long Polio Vaccination Campaign

Balochistan Launches Week-Long Polio Vaccination Campaign

A massive anti-polio campaign will begin tomorrow (Monday) throughout the province of Balochistan. This week-long effort aims to protect more than 2.655 million children against the debilitating effects of polio. Along with polio immunization, children will also receive Vitamin A drops to boost their overall health.

A Victory Against Polio – But Vigilance Remains

Balochistan has achieved a remarkable milestone: no new polio cases have been reported since 2021. However, recent events highlight the need for continued action. In January 2023, traces of the poliovirus were found in the Lasbela district’s sewage samples. This discovery underscores the importance of ongoing vaccination campaigns to prevent polio from re-emerging.

A National Effort to Eradicate Polio

Pakistan continues its determined fight against polio. Recently, traces of the virus were discovered in nine other districts across the country. Last month, a nationwide vaccination campaign successfully immunized over 40 million children under five years old.

Why Polio Immunization Matters

Polio is a highly contagious disease that can cause paralysis and life-long disability. Vaccination is the most effective way to protect children and ultimately eradicate this disease. Let’s support this vital health initiative in Balochistan and work towards a polio-free Pakistan.