Inner Drive: Unveiling the Journey of Innovation and Empowerment in the inDrive Documentary

Inner Drive: Unveiling the Journey of Innovation and Empowerment in the inDrive Documentary

How does a startup, emerging from regions distant from the global tech hubs, achieve unicorn status? The inDrive documentary sets out to explore this question and more, delving into the profound evolution of the company and the relentless pursuit of purpose and significance that propels its progress.

In an exclusive revelation, the inDrive documentary provides viewers with an intimate glimpse into the core of the company, featuring never-before-seen footage and candid interviews with key figures, including founder and CEO Arsen Tomsky. This unique content offers insights into inDrive’s foundational vision and the guiding principles that have steered its trajectory.

Far from a conventional corporate film, this narrative transcends boundaries to showcase the far-reaching impact of positive change sparked by inDrive’s initiatives. From grassroots movements challenging unfair taxi pricing to the global expansion of the world’s premier fair ride-hailing app, the documentary highlights the transformative power of collective action.


“Inner Drive isn’t merely a corporate documentary; it’s a powerful portrayal of inDrive’s decade-long global efforts in challenging and combating injustice. It highlights its impact on neglected communities through visionary programs, aligning with Arsen’s mission.” stated by Sidra Kiran, PR and Communications Manager.

“inDrive, led by Arsen Tomsky, is dedicated to fighting injustice and prioritizing mobility, emphasizing human interaction and freedom of choice. Our vision extends beyond ride-hailing, aiming to apply these principles to new sectors. inDrive is globally renowned and utilized, from Pakistan to worldwide.” said by Senior BDR Hasan Qureshi.

From users in Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, and beyond, who seize control of their futures through the ride-hailing app, to the dedicated employees who propel inDrive’s growth, the documentary showcases a diverse tapestry of stories united by a common thread of empowerment and innovation.

The documentary screening at Iqra University sparked enthusiasm among students, who were inspired by inDrive founder Arsen’s vision of fighting injustice and promoting freedom. The event facilitated discussions on driving societal change, leaving a lasting impression on attendees, including future business leaders.

“It’s an epic journey, told by connecting people around the world,” remarked Tomsky, emphasizing that inDrive’s story is far from over.

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About inDrive

inDrive is a global mobility and urban services platform. The inDrive app has been downloaded over 200 million times, and was the second most downloaded mobility app in 2022 and 2023. In addition to ride-hailing, inDrive provides an expanding list of urban services, including intercity transportation, freight delivery, task assistance and courier delivery. In 2023, inDrive launched New Ventures, a venture and M&A arm.

inDrive operates in 749 cities in 46 countries. Driven by its mission of challenging social injustice, the company is committed to having a positive impact on the lives of one billion people by 2030. It pursues this goal both through its core business, which supports local communities via a fair pricing model; and through the work of inVision, its non-profit arm. inVision’s community empowerment programs help to advance education, sports, arts and sciences, gender equality and other vital initiatives.

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