Umer Nadeem win Red Bull Doodle Art Pakistan 2017

Some of the best doodles received through the recently concluded Red Bull Doodle Art project in Pakistan were showcased at MEWS Cafe, Karachi; the event was largely attended by the entertainment and media fraternity.


It goes without saying that talent has no limit in Pakistan and what was experienced on May 2nd in Karachi was a testament to the former claim. Out of the 812 doodles that were received for the Red Bull Doodle Art project in Pakistan this year, 25 best doodles were displayed for Karachiites to witness the common habit of doodling in a rather innovative, creative and interactive fashion. The Meet & Greet session was largely attended by celebrities, media personalities and members of the art community. Umer Nadeem’s doodle, winner of Red Bull Doodle Art Pakistan 2017 project, was also displayed and appreciated by all those present.


“This project takes doodling one step ahead and presents it (doodling) in a credible, unique way” said Pakistan’s top director Asad Ul Haq. “As a staunch supporter of young talent it was very interesting and encouraging to see this unique side of our future (young talent)” Asad further added. “I wish Umer Nadeem who has won the Red Bull Doodle Art project in Pakistan all the best for the Global Final” said Asad Ul Haq


The Meet & Greet session kicked-off with famous names such as Zhalay Sarhadi, music band Fuzon, Asad Ul Haq, Khalid Malik, Tapu Javeri, Adnan Pardesy to name a few gracing the event with their presence. “Red Bull has always been committed to promoting talent amongst the youth”, said famous RJ, TV actor Khalid Malik. “Whether it’s music, sport and now arts! They (Red Bull) are the initiators”, Malik further added.


This was not the first but the third time the project was executed in Pakistan. This year 812 doodles were received via both submission online and submission box. Out of 812, 10 doodles were shortlisted based on the number of votes received. Once shortlisted Samya Arif, S.M. Raza and Saad Irfan, the three judges of the competition, reviewed each of the 10 doodles on April 21st with the aim to select the best doodle to both represent Pakistan and compete with some of the best doodlers from around the world at the Red Bull Doodle Art Global Final. After hours of discussion, thought and consideration the 3 judges crowned ‘Umer Nadeem’ from National College of Arts, Rawalpindi as Red Bull Doodle Art Pakistan Winner 2017. Umer will now head to the Global Final where National Winners from at least 40 countries will be flown out to a yet to be determined location and participate in creating virtual reality art, which will then be exhibited at a global virtual gallery.


“A project of such nature opens a lot of opportunities for artist and non artist community of Pakistan to share their creativity” said Samya Arif, a famous visual artist based in Karachi and also one of the 3 judges of the competition. “It’s a great endeavor and am glad to be part of it” further added Samya.





Executed for the third time in Pakistan, from March onwards the project united creative minds from all corners of the country and brought their interpretation of doodle art into the limelight by inviting them to submit their doodles  on Once submission ended people took to the website to vote for their favorite doodle and as a result 10 doodles were shortlisted based on the number of votes each of the 10 doodles had received up till April 20th. On April 21st a panel of experts lead by some of Karachi’s most prominent visual artists reviewed the 10 doodles at great length and finally at approximately 7pm the same day the judges had announced Umer Nadeem as the National Winner of the competition.



The third global edition of Red Bull Doodle Art 2017 will have an exciting global final: A virtual reality experience. All national winners will get the unique experience to compete in the Global Final in an exciting location. They will be coached on how to up level their 3D artistic skills and create their final piece of art by painting in 3D. The final masterpieces will be exhibited at a Global Virtual Gallery, where art lovers can fully experience doodles in virtual reality from around the world! The global winner will be chosen by a panel of judges.