‘Khoob Seerat’ questions the unsaid rules of the society!

Dramas in Pakistan have a lot of variety when it comes to the concept. They are rightly touted to be the mirrors of the society we live in. While the industry is catching up on social issues that society faces, it has also been conscious of people with physical disabilities. There have been instances when makers have not only dealt with the subject of disability with sensitivity and compassion but also have been very instrumental in changing the perception of the people and society as a whole towards them. 7th Sky Entertainment’s latest endeavor ‘Khoob Seerat’ is a prime example. Directed by Ali Akbar ‘Khoob Seerat’ features Kiran Haq, Agha Ali, Nimra Khan & Kamran Jilani in pivotal roles.

Let’s divulge the gist of the story; ‘Khoob Seerat’ narrates the story of sweet and innocent girl Dilkash (Kiran Haq). She is self-sacrificing and struggles with a walking defect that reduces the chances of her marriage. No one admires her qualities or tries to look into her beautiful soul; resultantly, she faces rejection. Dilkash and her parents suffer badly from the hypocrisy of society. Her best friend Mahira (Nimra Khan), is in love with Samar (Agha Ali), the man Dilkash loves. Dilkash finds happiness and joy with them while suffering silently. Her father finally fixes her wedding with his brother’s son, who is also his business partner. Things further take an ugly turn when her wedding is called off as the groom refuses to marry her due to her limp defect. She is heartbroken but recovers from it soon.

Samar’s mother doesn’t approve of his relationship with Mahira. Both their families lock horns, tragedy strikes, and Mahira is forced to get married to Wajahat (Kamran Jilani). Samar attempts to commit suicide; he fails and gets a new life. Dilkash helps Samar in recovering from his loss; he soon finds a job and gets on track. Life isn’t a bed of roses for Dilkash as her sister-in-law starts creating problems for her and doesn’t let go of any opportunity to bring her down. She tries to portray her relationship with Samar in a bad light and succeeds. Samar realizes the fact of how she stood by him like a rock through thick and thin. He sends her a marriage proposal, which is turned down by her father. The reason behind the refusal is Dilkash herself because she feels Samar only loves Mahira and won’t be able to forget her throughout his life. She tells Samar that we are friends and will continue to be. It would be interesting to see how Dilkash deals with the situation; will she find someone worthy enough to get married?

‘Khoob Seerat’ never fails to involve and entertain the viewers،; it contains enough good material to hold one’s attention. The emotional component is well balanced with a twist and tension-filled moments, and of course, some razor-sharp and punch-packed dialogue in dramatic sequences [penned by Shakeel Arsalan]. It’s the emotional journey of the protagonist that acts as a hook and lingers in your memory. On the whole, ‘Khoob Seerat’ is a gripping watch, leaving the viewers rooting for more. With excellent writing, great directions, and great performances, we are eagerly waiting as to what will happen next?