Sweet, Sassy, & Opinionated; Yashma Gill is Not Your typical Girl-Next-Door in Pyar Ke Sadqay

Using the age-old phrase of ‘beauty with brains’ to describe the talented Yashma Gill won’t be wrong because the young actress belongs to the handful lot of actors who are intelligent, down to earth, and extremely beautiful. Ever since she started acting, critics and audiences were forced to take notice of the young upcoming starlet who was acting her heart out on our television screens.

Gill’s latest project is the comedy-drama Pyar Ke Sadqay that also stars Bilal Abbas Khan, Yumna Zaidi, and Atiqa Odho, among others. She portrays Shanzay, a confident, outspoken, stubborn, and sometimes headstrong girl who knows what she wants in life and doesn’t believe in settling for anything less than that. Shanzay isn’t good or bad; she’s somewhere in between. You either like her, or you don’t, and the credit goes to Gill for portraying the character with such ease.

In the latest episode of the show that aired last night, Shanzay gets married to Esa, her fiancé, who is toxic and awful in every way imaginable. She gets married to him despite knowing the kind of man he is. Later, she ends up confiding in her father about how getting married to Esa was a wrong decision on her part.

After realizing her marriage is nothing more than a sham in which her husband doesn’t love her, and she isn’t happy, Shanzay turns towards Abdullah, who she insulted for pursuing her in the first place. This happened just when Abdullah had started to open up towards Mahjabeen, but he was convinced by Sarwar to see Shanzay, and she made full use of that chance.

It will be fun to see what happens in the upcoming episodes and what Yashma does with Shanzay’s character. Right now, all we can say is that Shanzay has managed to direct all the attention towards herself, and we love it.

Gill has several remarkable performances that solidified her image as an artist who takes her craft seriously and doesn’t compromise on the quality of her work. She appeared in Qurban, Ghar Titli ka Par, Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai, Piya Naam Ka Diya, and the blockbuster show ‘Alif’. Gill garnered rave reviews for her performances in each of these shows and was praised for playing different characters that challenged her as an artist.