Khalil ur Rehman speaks up in support of Sadaf Kanwal

Khalil ur Rehman speaks up in support of Sadaf Kanwal

Recently a video clip of actress Sadaf Kanwal went viral on social media where she was asked What she thinks about feminism and Is the woman of our society is oppressed or not.

Sadaf in her video said, “Our culture is our husband, if I am married, as a wife I must know where my husband’s belongings are kept, I must iron his clothes which I usually don’t do but that’s what a wife should do. I should polish his shoes, I must know what he wants to eat and when he wants to eat because it’s my duty as wife and that’s what I have seen growing up”.

Meanwhile, Writer Khalil-ur-Rehman recently appeared in the BOL News talk show Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga with anchorperson Fiza Akbar Khan where Khalil-ur-Rehman showed up openly to endorse and support actress and model Sadaf Kanwal, because of her remarks on woman’s rights, marriage, and the role of women in Pakistani society.

“All women who are looking for their husband’s socks or are polishing his shoes or ironing his clothes, are doing it out of love.” the Mere Paas Tum Ho dramatist said

Furthermore, he said, “This hardly happens that somewhere it is happening by order.”

“Not all the girls are wrong in the society there are some aunties who mislead out society’s women’s,” he added