Sheeraz Khan Soomro, Being the conquering hero of Karachi with his massive activism in correcting the faults of the system

Sheeraz Khan Soomro, Being the conquering hero of Karachi with his massive activism in correcting the faults of the system

Another commoner of Karachi raised his voice against the injustice and cruelty happening in the city along with taking actions to eliminate the small defaults of society that can destroy the whole environment if not treated timely.

Sheeraz Khan Soomro is an astute lawyer, a political activist, and a philanthropist. Everyone is well aware of this name due to his recent efforts in solving some of the major issues. He was leading campaigns to get justice for Nazim Jokhio and Dua Zehra, in which he got absolute success. Though he has always been a social activist and helped the people of Karachi selflessly his role in these incidents got him massive attention from the whole country. In addition to these cases, a few days back there was a petition to ban Karachi Zoo in Sindh High Court to end the animal abuse. This petition was also raised by Sheeraz Khan Soomro. His dedication to making this society a better place for everyone is not limited to humans only. He is probably the first to raise the issue of animal abuse.

Sheeraz Khan Soomro is the founder of the NGO ‘United for National Interest’, which operates in 18 cities of Pakistan to foster awareness and inclusive activism. Currently, he is working to build an inclusive platform to give voice to the voiceless and the unheard. This platform will embrace and celebrate diversity, with no discrimination based on religion, gender, class, caste, ethnicity, etc.   

Sheeraz Khan Soomro’s activism on the political and social front at this young age of 23 is remarkable. His political career till now was also dedicated to helping the poor and oppressed. This is obvious from his efforts in ration drive during Covid-19 which helped 2000 families, weekly food drive in Karachi, and the Rozgar project enabling people, particularly women and widows, to earn a livelihood. Selfless people like him use their political influence to help others. Even without being associated with any political party, he is actively working to reopen the non-functioning government schools across Sindh.

The number of tasks he has done till now at this young age is truly unmatchable. People like him are assets to Pakistan. If we get more youngsters like him in our society, especially in our political area, the negative image of Pakistan can get vanished forever.