Proton lowers the prices of its vehicles

Proton lowers the prices of its vehicles

Al-Haj Automotive has also cut the prices of the Proton Saga and X70 as part of the trend of lowering prices.

The Pakistani Rupee’s poor performance against the US Dollar caused the company to raise the prices of its cars by up to Rs. 900,000. With import restrictions loosening and the USD rate going down, the company has said that the prices of its cars will go down by a small amount.

As of right now, the following are the new prices for all Proton cars:

ModelOld Price (Rs.)Revised Price (Rs.)Decrease (Rs.)
Saga Standard Manual2,824,0002,724,000100,000
Saga Standard Automatic2,999,0002,899,000100,000
Saga ACE Automatic3,149,0003,049,000100,000
X70 Executive AWD6,850,0006,740,000110,000
X70 Premium FWD7,300,0007,190,000110,000

The Proton Saga is now much cheaper than its main rivals, the Suzuki Cultus and the Kia Picanto (all three are A-Segment cars). This makes the Saga one of the least expensive family cars in Pakistan that is still well-equipped.

Proton said in a recent social media post that it has started delivering both the Saga and the X70 across Pakistan. The post also said that the time it takes to get Saga now is only two months.

This is a big plus for Proton, especially since the whole industry has been having trouble with delivery delays.