Be part of a change, Join U report Pak Avaz

Join U report Pak Avaz
No one can deny the fact what value and success our youth can bring in our Country through their innovative and creative ideas, their hard work and even though their voices. Youth plays a significant role in the development of our country not only economically also morally and practically.

Almost 60% of the Pakistan’s population comprises of youth, and it is necessary for each one of us to keep contributing to the betterment and progress of the country. If you also care and want to contribute to bringing positive change in Pakistan, please join UReport Pak Avaz now!

U report Pak Avaz

UReport is a completely free SMS tool for community participation, designed to address issues that you care about. This tool relies on volunteer community members serving as U-Reporters to provide information on issues in their communities to create change. Results and ideas are then shared back with the community.

UReport Pak Avaz is a great new step towards amplifying youth’s voices and empowering them to speak out on issues that affect them! I urge you all to take out your phones, send a FREE SMS now, type ‘JOIN’ and send it to 8623!

Let’s take a step towards the betterment of our Country.