16th Young Leaders Conference (YLC) begins at DreamWorld Resort Karachi

Karachi: July 26, 2017 – The 16th Annual Young Leaders Conference (YLC) 2017 commences
at Dreamworld Resort, Karachi. The aim of YLC is to enlighten the lives of 300 young men and
women participating from all over Pakistan. Since its inception in 2002, YLC has evolved as a
visionary leadership program, initiated by School of Leadership.
Year by year, this vibrant platform attracts hundreds of participants from all across Pakistan,
to gain valuable knowledge and skills. More than 50 speakers, practitioners, educationists,
trainers, celebrities, writers and politicians attend the conference actively. The mentors
speak about important themes, like; leadership, economics, politics, environmental
sustainability, education, and development, facilitated by the trainers and the team of SoL.
The youth prepared for a rigorous six-day event, as they filed into the halls for the
inauguration ceremony.

16th Young Leadership Conference

Day one of the conference was titled as; ‘Personal Leadership’ – representing the intention of young individuals on the brink of maturity, as they begin to work on their selves and identify their passions, whereby becoming a better version of themselves.
“YLC is not just a conference to us. Rather, it is the embodiment of what we believe in as the
youth of this country. We, at YLC, aim to improve the lives of youth who need guidance and a
roadmap towards their future careers. I am proud to say that this is the 16th year of YLC, I
hope the youth makes the most out of this opportunity.” said Kamran Rizvi, while addressing
the audience during an interactive session.

The participants were welcomed by Kamran Rizvi – Director at School of Leadership, followed
by the inaugural address of Ayesha Janjua, Head of Marketing at English Biscuit Manufacturer
(EBM) . A set of mentors addressed the participants with anecdotes and experiences from
their personal lives. These experts belonged partnering organizations such as; English Biscuit
Manufacturer (EBM), UNICEF, U-Report: Pak Avaz, Friedrich-Naumann-Stuftung (FnF) Pakistan,
Hilton Pharma, ACM Gold, Thal Limited, Jubilee General Insurance, Marie Stopes Society,
Cinepax Cinemas, SEHER, Youth Ministry, Feroze 1888, TCS, KFC Pakistan, USEFP, Ideas by Gul
Ahmed, Jang Group, Suno FM 89.4, Habib Metropolitan Bank (HMBL), Torque and Shamrock

Talking about the YLC theme, Dr. Zeelaf Munir, CEO and MD at EBM said, “We want the youth
to understand that strength isn’t always in numbers. Like the 300 Spartans who understood
the key to success, the key is to never surrender but stand dignified when faced with
adversity. The world’s biggest challenges are in fact opportunities and our youth needs to
understand this with the help of visionary leadership. EBM’s message this year to our youth is
‘Rise to Glory’. We believe youth are the true harbingers of change and success as our
country’s future belongs to them.”

The day closed with participants offering their feedback and reflections with the objective of
ensuring them an opportunity to voice their opinions and share their ideas, learning’s and
thoughts. Young Leaders Conference will continue until the 31st of July, 2017. The participants
will be staying at Dreamworld, attended by the organizing teams from School of Leadership,
as they will undergo a series of seminars, activities, and field visits, led by prominent
experts, trainers and speakers.